How It All Began

Known as the man with hands made of scissors, Humberto Gonzales has dominated the local scene with a unique style of French cutting. His approach to hair has been refined over years of learning from first class instructors like Yosh Toya at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and traveling Europe to learn the latest cutting edge techniques. But, don’t let the pleasant demeanor fool you. Humberto is all business. Coming from a small area of Brownsville, Texas and raised by two hard working parents, Humberto has learned the skills of mastering success. “Any one can be successful, it is only the ones that wake up earlier than everyone else and go to bed after everyone is sleeping that obtain it,” says the prominent salon owner. Having started from the small confines of a 300 sq. ft. working space and only charging five dollars a cut, Humberto now looks back with a smile as he contemplates his achievements. “I never thought I would be the owner of a salon let alone, in the process of constructing a second one. But, if someone said I would be a hairstylist I would have told them they were crazy. All I wanted was to make enough money to support my family,” he says. His inspiration came from his talented middle child, Ariel Gonzales, who started in the hair industry at the age of sixteen. At times the father and daughter team work side by side. The energy generated by their collective passion is contagious. For them, hair is no longer the domain of barren standardization. It is an art in which the artist and the client are in collaboration.  For Humberto Gonzalez, it is more than just hair. It is life.